Advice, Training, Documentary Management

This part of our job consists of assisting you in your efforts to bring your management systems into compliance, in your development of your Health & Safety culture at work or in the drafting of safety regulatory documents.

Our consultants can intervene punctually to carry out different types of missions or over a longer period by proposing to outsource the QSE function.

QSE Management System

  • QSE system audit,
  • Definition of process mapping,
  • Analysis of risks and opportunities,
  • Assistance with certification,
  • Study the strengths and weaknesses of your system ...


Risk Training

  • Work at Height,
  • Works in confined spaces,
  • Prevention during hotwork,
  • Chemical risk prevention.


Document Management (Creation, Update ...)

  • Risk analysis,
  • Safety instructions,
  • Safety booklet or video,
  • Prevention plan,
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety document.


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